Art and Creativity

March is Youth Art Month

Youth Art Month encourages and supports quality school art programs, throughout the United States. Visual art experiences give students an opportunity to problem solve, create, observe and communicate.

Art and creativity can build skills for success in life. By engaging in artistic activities, children develop confidence and they learn how to innovate. The arts encourage exploration and self-expression.

Creativity is not just for kids! Engaging in arts for older adults can alleviate loneliness and boredom. One feels more engaged and focused in the creative process. Studies have shown that art engagement can alleviate anxiety, depression, and stress.

At Whitepine Studios, we offer art opportunities for all ages and abilities. It is our mission to teach art fundamentals in a supportive and relaxed environment. Our painting pARTys provide a social outlet and an opportunity for folks who have never experienced the arts, to spend a couple of hours enjoying the creative process. Our Sound and Art events merge the health benefits of a beautiful sound bath with the meditative benefits of Art. While listening to the soothing, melodic tones of the singing bowls, our patrons are guided to paint a watercolor composition.

“I started painting as a hobby when I was little. I didn’t know I had any talent. I believe talent is just a pursued interest. Anybody can do what I do.” Bob Ross

Celebration of Artists

Faith Ringgold A Celebration of Black Visual Artists

Faith Ringgold is now 91 years old and has had a long successful career as a black visual artist. Her journey was not always an easy one but she always found a way to move forward. This New York Times article by Holland Cotter, titled Faith Ringgold’s Path of Maximum Resistance is a beautiful recognition of Ringgold’s artistic journey and her legacy in the art world and beyond.
Celebration of Artists

Sue Craig Watercolor, Oil and Pastel Artist

We are honored to have Sue Craig in the Scenes of Winter Exhibition.

Sue is an award winning artist from Chelsea, Michigan. She is attracted to scenes that are soft but expressive. She participates in many plein air events and enjoys painting area homes, parks, and public spaces. Sue’s work has been exhibited in various venues around Michigan and she is a member of several paint guilds. We are thrilled to have four of Sue’s pieces exhibited in the gallery.

With more than 120 lighthouses along the Great Lakes, Michigan has the most lighthouses of any U.S. state. Lighthouses are beautiful and picturesque, and each with their own unique history and charm. Point Betsie Lighthouse is located on the beautiful Lake Michigan shoreline. Sue’s oil painting on wood panel captures the charm of one of Michigan’s famous lighthouses. Sue’s pastel pieces Sidetrack Grill II, Sunset Walk, and Garden on the Lake are vibrant in color with beautiful velvety textures.

Celebration of Artists

Sandra Difazio Oil Painter

Excited to feature our next artist exhibiting in the Scenes of Michigan, Winter Exhibition – award winning oil painter Sandra Difazio.

Sandra is a representational oil painter and avid plein air artist. Painting plein air gives Sandra the opportunity to not only see color and light but also feel the environment and attempt to translate what she experiences into her paintings. Her work has been exhibited in museums, galleries, and in private and corporate collections throughout Michigan. She is a member of several paint guilds and we are honored to have Sandra’s work in the gallery.

Tahquamenon Falls is a pure Michigan treasure. Lower Tahquamenon Falls is a plein air painting created as part of the DNR’s “Paint the Parks” Centennial Celebration. It was selected to receive the “Best Sense of Place” Award. The exquisite colors and textures in this painting are a must-see.

Sleeping Bear Dunes is a popular Michigan destination. Sandra’s piece titled Good Harbor Beach, invites the viewer to experience the warm breezes, sunshine, and crisp, clear water that makes our Michigan shorelines so appealing.

Interested in the architectural charm of Michigan’s historic buildings, Sandra was inspired to paint the The Anna Scripps Conservatory at Belle Isle. Belle Isle is one of the most beautiful public parks in the State of Michigan. Sandra captures the intricate details and beauty of this historic building.

Celebration of Artists

Sarah Merkle Watercolor Artist

Sarah Merkle is a landscape watercolor artist Her artwork captures the unique beauty of Michigan’s spectacular coastlines and sandy beaches. Her paintings created en plein air, enable her to capture the intense and emotive colors of the clouds, natural lighting, and breath taking images that emerge from the unpredictable, ever-changing Michigan weather.

Sarah’s work has been displayed in venues throughout Michigan, including the Art Around Saline Exhibition. She is a member of several painting guilds and also has an extensive background in Graphic Design.

Leelanau Peninsula, one of the most beautiful places in Michigan, is a place of solace and inspiration for Sarah. Her Leelanau Peninsula series, captures the brilliant colors of Michigan’s sunrise and sunsets. These three paintings would look beautiful in a Northern cottage displayed together or individually.

Gallery is open Tues-Friday 10 – 5 pm and by appointment

Celebration of Artists

Jean Canavan Watercolor Artist

An award winning artist, Jean derives inspiration from her observation of daily life. Her watercolor still life and landscapes reflect transitions of light and shadow, and express a sense of memory of time and place. Jean’s works can be found in private and public collections and galleries throughout Michigan. She belongs to multiple painters’ guilds and we are thrilled to have a couple of her paintings in the studio.

Rentschler Farm in Saline, often inspires local artists to capture images from this historic site. The sunflowers that burst on to the scene during Michigan summers, invited Jean to paint, en plein air, one of Michigan’s favorite flowers. Look closely at Jean’s piece titled Sunflower, and take in the complex details of the petals or “rays” that inspired its name.

Inspired by a walk through San Francisco’s China Town, Jean just had to paint the colorful and festive lanterns that hung everywhere. February 1, begins the Chinese New Year; this is a great opportunity to stop by the gallery and see Jean’s painting titled, Sky Lanterns 2. Jean captures the intricate but delicate beauty of traditional Chinese paper lanterns. Jean was awarded best of show and sold her piece titled Sky Lanterns 1, at the Northville Arthouse Watermedia Show.

Celebration of Artists

Dennis Gordon Artist & Printmaker

Join us at Whitepine Studios on Saturday morning, January 29th from 10-11:30 am and meet local printmaking artist Dennis Gordon.

Dennis is an award winning artist that creates beautiful limited edition prints from original wood carvings. The photographic process has been part of printmaking for over 50 years, prevalent in photo etching, photo lithography and photo silk screening. Woodcuts are the main exception to this process, although methods of carving have expanded, using tools such as the dremel. Laser etching of wood and other materials has been commonplace in the craft and marketing industry for many years, but generally, the material that is being etched is the end product.

Dennis has been exploring ways to make a wood etching function as a woodcut for printmaking. It has taken him hundreds of hours to learn software applications and experimenting to achieve exciting results. Along with the woodcut image, he works on background imanges that may be abstract or semi-representational, and applies rolled on ink reliefs. The woodcut images begin with a photograph he has taken or from one of his drawings or paintings. While some prints remain black and white, Dennis adds color to others. The process starts with printing the woodcut in black ink. Then a sheet of printmaking paper is laid over this print to help determine where he will apply color. The color is applied to a blank piece of printmaking paper, and then the woodcut is inked up and printed on top of that.

Whitepine Studios and Dennis will be giving away, to our first 50 visitors to the studio, a limited edition “mini woodcut” (retail value $45, one per household).

Dennis will also have materials and supplies to show how he makes his woodcut prints. He will also offer a 5×7 mini woodcut of the same image, to give to anyone who purchases any of his artwork in the studio.

Celebration of Artists

Nancy Murray Watercolor Artist

Nancy Murray is a watercolor artist displaying her beautiful works in the Scenes of Michigan, Winter Exhibition.

Nancy has been painting and perfecting her craft for over 15 years. She is inspired by the natural world and her landscape paintings are masterfully created en plein air. Nancy is a member of several guilds and her work can be found in permanent collections and venues throughout Michigan.

Nancy captures the magnificence of nature in her Matthaei Botanicals Garden painting. Her palette of soothing greens, dotted with the soft colors of spring time flowers, entices the viewer to take a walk along the path and enjoy the natural landscape.

Macaws are not native to Michigan, but in 2011 a couple of these breath taking birds made their way to the Detroit Zoo. Nancy was inspired to paint this vibrantly colored bird and brilliantly captures its regal nature.

Nancy has several other original watercolors that capture images of places and flora found throughout her travels in Michigan. Nancy always finds herself with her art supplies nearby; at any moment she might feel inspired to stop and paint.

Celebration of Artists

Linda Klenczar Pastel Artist

We are thrilled to have award-winning pastel artist, Linda Klenczar’s work in the gallery as part of the Scenes of Michigan Winter Exhibition.

Linda graduated from MSU and has studied with nationally known professional pastel artists for over two decades to perfect her craft and develop her style. She is a member of multiple guilds and her work can be seen in galleries and shows throughout Michigan.

Linda’s work is a collection of both city and country landscapes. Her piece titled Main Street, is bursting with vibrant colors and embodies the dynamic Ann Arbor downtown space. The Dagwood Diner opened on St. Patrick’s Day in 1949, and was later named The Fleetwood Diner in 1971 by its new owner. It was the first sidewalk cafe in the city of Ann Arbor. Linda’s piece titled, Fast Food Icon, is celebration of this iconic downtown Ann Arbor gathering place.Family farms dot the landscape of small towns and countrysides across Michigan. Linda’s piece titled Nostalgia, captures the essence of these scenic rural family farms; this farm can be found in Manchester, MI.

Stop by the gallery and enjoy the vibrant palette of Linda’s gorgeous pieces. Gallery is open Tues-Friday 10 – 5 pm and by appointment.

Celebration of Artists

Rose Bradley Watercolor Artist

We are thrilled to announce the opening of the “Scenes of Michigan”, Winter Art Exhibition. All new watercolor, oil, pastels, and woodcuts, by a variety of local artists are now being exhibited and are for sale in the gallery.

Meet this week’s featured artist, Rose Bradley. Rose is a life-long Michigander who has been painting her light-filled watercolors for over 20 years. Her work can be seen in shows throughout the State. She is a member of multiple local painter’s guilds.

We are thrilled to have two of Rose’s watercolors titled, “Snowbirds” and “Gulls Aflutter”.

Snowbirds – The Dark Eyed Junco enjoys Michigan winters. Michiganders will often see these birds at their feeders in a beautiful backdrop of snow.

Gulls Aflutter – Herring Gulls can be found all throughout the Great Lakes. Rose captures the graceful dance of these birds on a sandy Lake Michigan beach.