The Team

Kaili Dence, Co-owner & Creative Director

Kaili is originally from Utah but has lived in Saline, Michigan since she was a child. Her lifelong passions have been visual arts and music. She received her BFA from the Penny Stamps School of Art & Design at the University of Michigan. Her concentration was drawing and painting. She studied fresco painting and figure drawing in Florence, Italy at the SACI College of Art and Design. At U-M, Kaili was active in Ballroom and Irish dancing and the Campus Band. Kaili has extensive experience teaching art classes to both children and adults. She was an instructor at the Ann Arbor Art Center and several senior living communities in Saline. She also volunteered in a U-M weekend program to teach art to students in Detroit’s Public Schools and at the University of Michigan Hospital System providing art lessons to patients at their bedside. As Creative Director, Kaili oversees and designs classes, workshops, and camp programming, designed to “inspire the artist inside”.

Hollyann Stewart – Lead Instructor, Creative Team

Hollyann is an artist and lead art instructor at Whitepine Studios. She is passionate about fine art as well as graphic design and videography, and she absolutely loves working with kids. Hollyann earned a BA in Art & Design from the University of Michigan Penny Stamps School of Art & Design. She also studied graphic design at SACI College of Art and Design in Florence, Italy. While in college, Hollyann tutored U-M student athletes and used her multimedia artwork to teach elementary and middle school-aged children about the human body. She currently works as an artist and photographer for the Michigan State Museum. Hollyann has years of experience working as a camp counselor with kids and teens at Real Life Day Camp and Farm. She is also adept at working with senior citizens thanks to her position as an Activity Aide at MediLodge of Plymouth. At Whitepine Studios, Hollyann “inspires the artist inside” by creating an engaging curriculum that helps every artist unlock their creative potential.

Profile Image of Joanne

Joanne Dence, Managing Director Joanne has lived in New York City, New Jersey, Texas and Utah but settled in Saline, Michigan with her family since 2003. Joanne has over 15 years of corporate experience in Human Resources, Sales and Marketing. After moving from New Jersey to Texas, she transitioned to education and taught in a rural high school in Austin. In Utah, she took time off from her career to home school her two children. She eventually went back to work as an Academic Advisor in Ann Arbor, where she developed and delivered curriculum specializing in study and life skills. Outside of work, her greatest joy is spending time with her family and traveling where she enjoys opportunities for new experiences. As Managing Director, Joanne is excited to bring her vast experience in both teaching and management to this new venture.

Randall Dence, Marketing Director Randy has lived in Ohio, New Jersey, Texas and Utah but settled in Saline, Michigan since 2003. Randall received an MBA from the University of Toledo with a concentration in Computer Systems and earned a BA from Miami University in Oxford, Ohio. Randall has 15 years’ experience in the Financial Services Industry as a Portfolio Manager. He has run his own independent advisory practice for the last ten years. Prior experience includes nearly two decades in the high technology sector where he held key management positions in product strategy and marketing. Randall was an adjunct professor at the Haab Business School at Concordia University. As Marketing Director, Randall is responsible for providing leadership and direction to the company’s marketing and branding efforts.

Tyler Dence, Technical Director Tyler Dence is a Software Engineer in Cybersecurity at Ford Motor Company, primarily focusing on web application development and embedded cryptography. He graduated from the University of Michigan in 2017 with a degree in Computer Science and a minor in Mathematics. While in school he held two internships, one analyzing satellite imagery for military applications and the other maintaining legacy web application code for an IT outsourcing firm. Tyler also enjoys mentoring others. As an IT Facilitator and Instructional Assistant at the SAE Cyber-auto Challenge, he teaches high school and college students how to evaluate cybersecurity risks on connected vehicles. During his collegiate career he was a technical leader on a robotics team, mentoring new students in software engineering robotics. In his spare time, Tyler is a licensed pilot and member of the Michigan Flyers Club. As Technical Director, Tyler is responsible for providing online and on-site IT strategy and development.

Tara Joshi, Gallery Manager & Ceramic Instructor Tara Joshi, has an impressive background in the world of art. She earned dual degrees in Ceramics and Art History from the University of Toledo in 2011. Post-graduation, Tara held a significant role at the Toledo Museum of Art, and later, she managed a local glass studio and gallery. Tara has successfully curated multiple juried exhibitions. Her journey in the art world took a new turn when she relocated to Saline, Michigan, with her family. Following the move, Tara’s entrepreneurial spirit led her to establish her own ceramics studio – TJ Pottery. Tara leads ceramics classes for all ages at Whitepine Studios.