Ceramic Classes

Tara Joshi, owner of TJ Pottery leads workshops at Whitepine Studios. She teaches ceramics terminology and basic principles of hand building. Students will learn the techniques and skills of working with clay and creating ceramic artworks. These classes focus on hand-building techniques. Classes are designed and offered for all age and skill levels. Students learn to shape clay by hand, decorate surfaces with carving and glazing techniques, and understand the firing process.

Pieces are fired in Tara’s kiln and brought back to the studio for pick up.

Tara has degrees in both Ceramics and Art History. Tara worked at the Toledo Museum of Art, and later, managed a local glass studio and gallery. Tara now resides in Saline, Michigan with her family spending her time teaching ceramics and inspiring others to discover the beauty and craftsmanship of pottery.

TJ Pottery