Celebration of Artists

Supporting the Arts

Patron of the Arts – A CALL TO SUPPORT OUR LOCAL ART COMMUNITY! Today, we will talk about the importance of recognizing the impact of supporting artists and investing in their original creations.

Original artwork represents the purest form of an artist’s vision and creativity. Their livelihood often depends on the support they receive from patrons and collectors. When you purchase original artwork, you contribute directly to the artist’s ability to sustain their practice and allowing them to continue refining their craft.

Each piece of original artwork expresses the artist’s emotions, experiences, and unique perspective. Owning an original work of art, establishes a personal connection between the collector and the artist. Art often captures moments in time; its timeless beauty can endure and be shared with future generations, ensuring its lasting influence for years to come.

Many wonder why original pieces are more costly than reproductions. The higher cost of original artwork is a reflection of the investment and time that goes into its creation. Artists invest not only in materials but also in years of education, training, and honing their skills. The endless hours dedicated to perfecting their craft, coupled with the expenses associated with quality materials, contribute to the value of each original piece. When you purchase an original artwork, you are not just buying a one of a kind physical object; you are investing in the artist’s dedication and passion to their craft.

We invite folks to visit local art galleries and support local artists. Like any small business, they need your support to survive!