The Gallery at Whitepines is a place where art lovers can come to appreciate the work of local artists. It is a welcoming place to showcase the talent of these artists. The gallery has a knowledgeable staff to answer questions and provide information on the works and the artists. Whitepines hosts opening receptions to introduce the public to the artists and their works. Check back for upcoming events.

Artwork may be purchased at the Gallery or online. To see current work for sale, visit the online Gallery. Shipping is available.

Featured Artists

Kaili was born in Utah but Saline has been her home for the past 20 years. She began drawing and painting at an early age and always knew she wanted to be an artist. The focus on technique demonstrated in classical art led her to develop a representational style in her work. She gains inspiration from the natural beauty observed in nature, people, and especially wildlife. She holds a BFA, with a concentration in painting and drawing, from the Penny W. Stamps School of Art & Design at the University of Michigan and studied figure drawing and fresco painting at SACI College of Art and Design in Florence, Italy. 

Her recent work is inspired by her passion for animals. Her drawings capture the unique personalities of each species in her favorite mediums: pastels, charcoal, oil, and colored pencils. Charcoal allows me to create with the precision that defines my animal compositions. This medium allows me to explore a range of values and mark making. I am also drawn to pastels because they allow me to create from a vibrant, rich palette.

During the creative process, “I feel a deep connection to the essence of these amazing creatures. My hope is to bring attention to wildlife preservation and to help the viewer consider their relationship to nature.”