Our Story

Building on her love of teaching and passion for visual arts, Kaili founded Whitepine Studios. Kaili graduated with a BFA from the University of Michigan’s School of Art and Design. She taught all throughout college and since graduation continues to teach art to artists of all ages. Her love of teaching and passion for the arts inspired her decision to open an art studio and share her creativity and infectious positivity with artists of all ages.

Self-Expression is at the heart of Whitepine Studios. Art education should begin at a young age. Through a process of exploration, we inspire children to create art by experimenting with a variety of materials and celebrating unique outcomes rather than following a strict adherence to a finished work of art. These experiences are open-ended, engaging and provide opportunities for innovation, new ways of thinking and problem-solving. Whitepine Studios also offers creative experiences for teens and adults of all ages to find their artist within. We have developed an extensive variety of classes for all ages to enjoy. Creativity, playfulness, curiosity and imagination is not just for kids; it can bring joy and meaning to one’s life.

The mission of Whitepine Studios is to teach the fundamentals of art and design in a fun and supportive environment. For younger children, our focus is on process rather than production and we encourage the exploration of art materials, creativity, flexibility and originality.