Private Parties/Rental Space

Elevate your celebrations at Whitepine Studios! We specialize in hosting private parties and events for various special occasions and milestones, ensuring a memorable experience for all.

Private events require a minimum of 10 participants. Artwork can be customized for the party. We offer painting, acrylic pour, fused glass, and ceramic options. Pricing will vary depending on the selected medium

Adult Birthday Parties: Celebrate another year of life with a unique and creative adult birthday party at our art studio. We tailor the experience to the birthday celebrant and their guests, ensuring a customized and enjoyable celebration.

Team Building: Hosting a team-building art activity in our studio is a fantastic way to foster creativity and collaboration among team members. It provides an opportunity for everyone to socialize, express themselves artistically and have fun in a relaxed and inspiring environment.

Bachelorette Parties: Make the bride-to-be’s celebration unforgettable with a bachelorette party at Whitepine Studios. Engage in a painting, ceramic or fused glass class, and set the mood with decorations and refreshments. We can assist in food planning, partnering with local catering venues for a seamless experience.

Showers: For more relaxed affairs like showers, consider a laid-back art activity. Provide ample refreshments, games, and activities to keep guests entertained and create a cozy atmosphere.

Fundraising Events: Host a meaningful fundraising event at our studio, combining philanthropy with creativity. Incorporate a silent auction or raffle and engage guests with hands-on art activities, contributing to a successful cause.

Rental Space: Need a venue for a meeting or celebration? Explore our rental space options. For pricing and detailed information, please reach out to the studio via email at

Whitepine Studios is your partner in planning and executing unforgettable events tailored to your vision and needs. Let us turn your special occasions into cherished memories!