Private Parties/Rental Space

Whitepine Studios hosts private parties and events for a variety of special occasions and milestones! We can help you plan a memorable celebration!

Adult birthday parties: Hosting an adult birthday party at our art studio can be a fun and creative way to celebrate another year of life. We will custom design something special for the birthday celebrant and their guests to enjoy.

Bachelorette parties: Bachelorette parties are a fun way to celebrate the bride-to-be. Consider offering a painting or drawing class that everyone can participate in, or have guests collaborate on a larger piece of artwork as a group. You may provide plenty of refreshments and snacks, as well as decorations to set the mood. We can help with food planning; Whitepines partners with local catering venues to help you plan your menu.

Showers: Showers are typically more low-key than bachelorette parties, so you might want to consider offering a more relaxed art activity Make sure to provide plenty of refreshments, as well as games and activities to keep guests entertained.

Fundraising events: Hosting a fundraising event at our studio can be a great way to raise money for a good cause. Consider offering a silent auction or raffle, as well as a hands-on art activity that guests can participate in.

Rental Space: Just looking for a place to rent for a meeting or celebration? For pricing and information, please call or email the studio.