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“Light, shadows and reflections combine to create a visual impression of a particular place and time in my mind. I begin with photos and memories and adds value, texture and shades of color to infuse my paintings with light. I also enjoy painting en Plein Air, outside, in the moment. Seeing the immediacy of colors and shadows inspires me! I will never run out of subject matter for paintings. The world is truly a miraculous place, and we are blessed to be here. ” (Image-Self-Portrait)

Kaili Dence

“My recent work is inspired by my passion for animals. My drawings capture the unique personalities of each species in my favorite mediums: pastels, charcoal, oil, and colored pencils. Charcoal allows me to create with the precision that defines my animal compositions. This medium allows me to explore a range of values and mark making. I am also drawn to pastels because they allow me to create from a vibrant, rich palette. During the creative process, I feel a deep connection to the essence of these amazing creatures. My hope is to bring attention to wildlife preservation and to help the viewer consider their relationship to nature. 

Janet Dyer

While her roots trace back to the Midwest, Janet now proudly calls New York home. Janet has forged a remarkable career in the world of art. Her works are represented in galleries along the East Coast, in her Midwest homeland, and even as far as Assisi, Italy. Janet’s artistic focal point has always been her passion for travel and the beauty of landscapes. Her preferred medium, acrylics, allows her to paint textured, impressionistic paintings that invite the viewer to step right into the scene. Each piece captures a sense of modernity that would enhance the aesthetics of any home.

Debra Hintz

Debra Hintz was born and raised in Ann Arbor, Michigan and received her Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree from Western Michigan University. She moved toLos Angeles in 1985 to pursue dual careers in graphic design and fine art. After 36 successful years in Los Angeles, Debra has recently moved back to her home state of Michigan where she looks forward to continuing her art adventures. Influenced by the Renaissance methods of underpainting and glazing along with the color sensibilities and impasto techniques of the Impressionists, Debra’s own
voice innately evolved as she learned to combine aspects of both ways of working to create her unique process. Primarily a landscape painter, she works in
oils using strictly palette knives and builds up many layers of paint on the canvas to create emotionally driven places. At its core, Debra’s art is about finding refuge from her storms and celebrating the light when it comes.

Tara Joshi

Tara founded TJ Pottery, with a vision to bring distinct, handcrafted pottery within everyone’s reach. Tara is fully immersed in her passion, continually innovating in her studio while inspiring others to discover the beauty and craftsmanship of pottery. She is also the Gallery Manager at Whitepine Studios. She brings over a decade of experience in gallery management, has curated juried exhibitions and previously worked at the esteemed Toledo Museum of Art.

Linda Klenczar

Linda has studied with nationally known professional pastel artists for over two decades to perfect her craft and develop her unique style. Linda’s work is a collection of both city and country landscapes. Linda often stops on the side of the road to paint the unique landscapes Michigan has to offer. “May my work bring to you, joy, peace and inspiration, as they bring the same to me as I create them. “

Jackie Meier

Jackie Meier grew up in Indianapolis, Indiana.   She has a B.A. in art and for several years worked in advertising as a production artist, graphic designer and art director. After a long career, she eventually went back to her first love, fine
arts, specifically mixed-media paintings. Jackie works in her studio in Bowling Green, Ohio where she lives with her husband Donald, her beloved puppy Louie.
who she got from a shelter in the fall of 2022.  She exhibits her work at art festivals
throughout the Midwest.

Mary Murphy

“My watercolor paintings offer moments to just pause, to notice – whether it’s a sunrise, a walk in the woods, a memory, or the sheer joy of colors mixing on the page. My hope is that my art causes you to simply look, take a breath, and smile at the little miracles all around.” Mary’s artwork often focuses on the tranquility found in nature. Her painting style is strongly influenced by the impressionist and the post/abstract expressionists.

Anne Rogers

Anne is a Michigan native and lives in Ann Arbor. “As a fused glass artist, I work with sheets of colored glass that I cut and shape with various motifs. I have a lifetime of interest in art and have dabbled in many formats including jewelry, painting, mosaics and candle making. When I was introduced to fusing I found my passion. I have studied with several master artists and continue to challenge myself with new techniques and designs. I enjoy creating various designs but my favorites tend to involve various landscapes, especially beautiful Michigan birch tree scenes. The possibilities are endless when inspired by nature.”

Claudia Selene

Claudia Selene is a mostly self-taught artist. Homeschooled, she spent countless hours drawing and painting. After a year of intensive training at the Ravenswood Atelier in Chicago, she shared a studio with portrait artist Mary Qian. She taught herself color by making painstakingly realistic paintings of simple objects. As her skills improved, she began to paint increasingly complex things, including the human portrait and figure, clouds, and transparent glass. She is currently studying more illusory subjects such as flame, fog, storms… Claudia’s work has been featured in group shows in Chicago, Michigan, Florida, Indiana and Arizona, and her paintings are held in private collections across the United States.

Sally Wetzel

“Everything has beauty, but not everyone sees it. Painting and the creative process have given me an appreciation for my surroundings that I didn’t have until I picked up a brush some 25 years ago, beginning in watercolor. Michigan’s four seasons offer continual enticement to capture their magnificent beauty with Pastel, my favorite medium. The spectacular views of woodlands, lakes, and rural areas in the changing light and color are irresistible subject matter begging to be painted!