Art and Creativity

The Cost of Fine Art

So often we are asked why an original painting costs so much?

First, the process. Each art piece is original and unique and over time will appreciate in value.

Next, what makes an artist? The journey to become an artist is a lifelong endeavor. A good artist never stops learning. It may start with classes in High School, private lessons, and a college degree but all good artists continue to take lessons all throughout their career. This requires time and investment. All of this is factored into the cost of a piece of art. The more developed and known an artist becomes, the more valuable and in demand their art becomes.

Cost of materials and time are another huge factor. Art supplies are expensive and oftentimes need to be replaced. One paint brush can be more than $100. An artist spends hours creating one piece of artwork.

So why do they do it? Artists have a passion for creating. It is in their soul and it’s the love of the process that keeps them developing new works of art. When you purchase a piece of art, you help the artist to be able to continue to create. As a collector of art, your pieces over time will become more valuable.