Celebration of Artists

Art as an Investment?

Why Invest in Original Art.  Is it Worth It?

Have you ever fallen in love with a piece of artwork at a gallery and wondered why the piece is so expensive? Here’s why original art is absolutely worth the higher cost. 

Artists are influenced by the the local culture and colors of the region. The art they create will often reflect the region in which they live. Their artwork is one of a kind, made by the hand of the artist. You will not find it in another home or gallery. There is a connection to the artistic process and the artist’s inspiration. The original expresses the colors the artist chose versus a print where the original colors may be compromised. You can observe the brushwork and textures and subtleties not visible on a print. The original gives you the full visual experience that the artist labored over for many hours. Your purchase supports the arts. Artists need you to observe, interact, and buy their work so they can continue to produce magnificent art. 

Stop by the gallery and see the beautiful work of local artists. Let’s support our local art community!

Opening Art Exhibition – Saline Painters Guild