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Homeschooling and the Arts

As a former educator, Whitepine’s Managing Director enjoyed the opportunity to homeschool her children for a few years. Her youngest was a budding artist. Art workshops offered to students outside their home was a wonderful resource and learning experience for her daughter who is now the Creative Director and co-owner of Whitepine Studios!

Whitepine Studios will offer children an opportunity to explore, experiment, collaborate and experience the visual arts by enrolling in studio workshops. Our goal is to provide your child with a quality art education.

For younger students, we adhere to process art that is child-directed and celebrates the experience of discovery. The final artwork is always unique and there is no outside the lines or inside the lines. Classes are organized by age groups with targeted goals for development in the visual arts. Content is developed to encourage creativity, problem solving and social skills. We seek to build confidence in a supportive and fun environment.

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