Celebration of Artists

Happy Birthday Dali!

Salvador Dali was born on May 11, 1904, and remains one of the most famous surrealists. His paintings, sculptures and films were inspired by his dreams. Surrealism was an art movement that tapped into the unconscious mind. One type of surrealism combined reality with dream-like images. Artists like Dali combined subjects that would you would not expect to be together as can be observed in one of his most famous works, Persistence of Memory. Melting clocks, a monstrous face, and red ants on a gold watch are juxtaposed with the realistic images of the sea and cliffs in the background. Another type of surrealism focuses on the spontaneity of creation without the need for conscious reasoning. With randomness and intuition, Hans (Jean) Arp, a fellow surrealist, created organic abstract paintings. We offer a workshop for middle school and high school students called Arp and Intuition. Students will create an abstract piece of art by chance and intuition! Happy Birthday Salvador Dali and thank you for your contributions to the Surrealism Movement and its continued influence on Modern Surrealism.