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Hippity Hoppity Easter is Here!

Today, Whitepine Studios participated in the Saline Recreation Center’s Easter celebration. After children enjoyed searching for Easter eggs in the woods, they visited the many businesses set up along the Hippity Hop Bunny Trail. They were treated to Easter chocolates, coloring pages and trinkets. The weather was windy and cold but the turnout was awesome. Visit our Facebook Page and download a free Easter coloring page.

Kaili, Creative Director visiting with the Easter Bunny.
Kids were treated to Bunny fruit snacks and a coloring page designed by Kaili.

2 replies on “Hippity Hoppity Easter is Here!”

Yay Kaili!! I am happy and excited to see the wonderful things you will offer our community with your fabulous imagination and mad teaching skills! Good luck! I can’t wait for you to do a GNO paint class for me and a few friends, I’ll be calling??