Kaili’s enthusiasm for both art and teaching is contagious for her students. She is genuinely engaging, and has a wealth of information about all aspects of art. My 15 year old son has been taking weekly lessons with her since September 2020.  Throughout the year, Kaili has been consistent, reliable, and very professional. She is extremely competent in all aspects of teaching, including being inspirational and very supportive. My son’s drawing ability has evolved immensely, and as a result, so has his confidence in his capability. Thank you so much Kaili! We appreciate you so much! (Debra K.)

The staff is so kind, personable and my girls had an extraordinary time! The crafts were great and age appropriate and the girls learned some skills in the short period of time for drawing too. Also loved they had snack breaks and a mad lib! We will be back! (Evelyn O.)

Excellent classes. Excellent staff. Excellent environment. We love this place. (Amy C.)

This was so fun! My daughter made a keepsake that I will treasure forever (Sarah R). (Mommy and Me).

We loved the mommy and me class! (Hannah L.)

Loved it! Lawrence made so many fun projects and the art show where the kids got to display their art at the end was the perfect finishing touch. The other boys are excited for their turn at camp! (Elizabeth H.)

Kiddo had a great time again! He was sad that Nick the CIT wasn’t there this week 😂 said they were buddies. (Michelle Y.)

My kids love coming here. They get to do so many projects in a supportive environment. The teachers encourage and nurture their work. My kids are inspired and happy because of the awesome environment the teachers create and the many mediums they can use to express themselves. They can’t wait for fall classes. They talk about how much they loved the camps. Thank you! (Elizabeth C.)

It was a great week! Our daughter enjoyed camp and all the great projects! (Nancy S.)

This was a great art camp! Our daughter had lots of fun and brought home a nice assortment of projects from the week. Thank you! (Danielle A.)

Thrilled with this place. They are dedicated , caring and creative , my daughter always has a wonderful time . Highly recommend. (Kat F.)

This camp was a huge hit! Kids gave glowing reviews with early requests to return next year :). The art was amazing too. So much fun! My child even wrote a song about loving the camp and was inspired to come home and do MORE art in the evenings! Thank you for providing such an enriching experience.(C Perry)

If you have yet to try one of Whitepine’s art sessions, feel free to sign up soon! Her Summer program has been absolutely amazing for the kids! Thank you! (Ada A.)

Whitepine Studio summer camps are so very well done! My daughter thoroughly enjoyed herself, created awesome projects and friendships! The staff are well-organized and super friendly, and the studio space is awesome! (Sarah P.)

My son had a great time making all the different art projects. He loved the staff and said this was the best camp. (Jessica L.)

Our son really enjoyed camp and can’t wait to come back! Owners are super friendly and helpful ! (Alexander A.)

My child enjoyed the class ! (Aria L.)

Kids had a great time and created beautiful works of art! Looking forward to the next pARTy! (Sarah R.)

Simon LOVED the party and was so proud of his work!! Can’t wait to come again!

Chase really enjoyed his art classes and we are enjoying his paintings. (Rachel V.) Exploring Acrylics

I helped my 4 year old son make a caterpillar and butterfly inspired by “The Hungry Caterpillar.” I painted his hands to press into the paper for the body and legs, he LOVED it! The class is child driven, he got to pick his utensils and decorations. It was so much fun to watch him create a masterpiece. (Helena R.) Mommy and Me

This was relaxing and so much fun! I love what I made! (Julia F.) Glass Garden Stakes

Really enjoyed this class! Lots of creative projects and renewed my child’s enthusiasm for art! (Afifa C.) Homeschooling Classes

Great glass! Everyone’s piece was unique. Class was well run. I would go again! (Brenda B.) Glass Garden Stakes

Such an amazing time and beautiful space. (Meghan J.) Glass Garden Stakes

Love the studio and our night! (Megan O.) Glass Garden Stakes

Anne was wonderful! A great teacher and fun and funny! Such a fantastic girls’ night out with my friends! So many tiny sweet pieces of beautiful handmade glass to create our masterpieces! (Helena R.) Glass Garden Stakes

Fun class! Cute project and the instructor was great! (Deborah E.) Glass Garden Stakes

The session was wonderful! I loved how organized and free-flowing the class was. I appreciated you both walking around and asking the children what they were creating. We hope to sign up for another class in the future. (Amy B.) Mommy and Me

Mommy and Me was so precious and fun! My son was encouraged to try all mediums and utensils and just create. And I helped guide him to the end result. We learned about rainbows. (Helena R.)

We had a great time at the Mommy and Me Rainbows class. Staff was very attentive and supportive, my daughter got to create and have fun, and no mess for mom to worry about. Absolutely perfect 🙂 (Sarah R.)

I love attending events at Whitepine Studios! The atmosphere created by Kaili and Joanne is warm and welcoming. They stand ready to answer questions, guide painters with understanding and expertise and quick to meet each participants every need. (Claudia W.) Painting pARTy

This is a great organization that supports the local community, artists, and the world at large. I highly recommend attending any event they have to offer! (Kathy S.) Sound and Art

Whitepine Studios’s camp is packed with fun and art learning. (Arina K.)

My sixth grader really enjoyed the acrylics class, we will be signing up for more classes through Whitepine! (Shanna K.)

We had a great night! We will be back! (Pat C.) Sound and Art

Perfect place to let your kiddo explore their creativity. This is our second session and we will definitely be back! (Anna M.) Spring Camp

What a great camp! So thoughtfully designed, kids of all ages could enjoy and participate, and they created some really neat pieces to take home. Well done!! (Kate W.) Spring Camp

She loved it! Thank you for a great time (Rebecca A.) Spring Camp

Sage is REALLY loving camp! She says it’s the best camp she’s ever attended. We just signed up for a couple more for the summer! Thanks for everything! (Grace W.) Spring Camp

Quinn had a blast and I am blown away by your patience, hard work and great projects .  (Kat E.) Spring Camp

My girls loved this class! I was so impressed with the sketchbooks. (Joya P.) 2d for Elementary

She had fun, and was a great thing to do! thanks! (Angela B.)

My daughter always leaves her painting class happy. Who knew that painting could be so soul- soothing to a 5 year old, but it is! And she paints beautiful stuff – Whitepine is amazing! (Rachel B.)

This was my daughter’s first time at the studio and she had an absolute blast! She was incredibly proud of her work and excited to do it again soon. (Danielle H.) Painting pARTy for kids

Thank you for such an amazing event! Was super impressed. My girls both loved it we will for sure be back. (Amanda L.) Painting pARTy for kids

We had a great time, a fun night out! Kaili is a great instructor. (Angela O.) painting pARTy

This is an awesome way to get a group of your girlfriends together and have a great evening! Lots of laughs and a great way to unwind and relax for a few hours! Test your painting skills….even if you’ve never picked up a paintbrush in your life before, just like me, Kaili, the instructor, is there to help and give you all kinds of ideas to make your project look picture perfect! She is, not only very talented, but full of laughs and a real delight to learn from! (Judy B.) Painting pARTy

Excellent, as always! Our son enjoyed getting to explore different watercolor techniques in the class and has been inspired to do several of his own painting projects at home. He’s really looking forward to the acrylics class next session! (Elizabeth E.)

So much fun and learned a lot in this short course! Plan on taking more classes in the future. (Lily K.) Watercolor class

Our son loved this class and had a great time making art with a variety of different materials. All of the Whitepine classes have been great and our kids love them! (Elizabeth E.)

Fun evening. Loved working with the watercolors. (Alisa T.) Sound and Art

This was so much fun! I was a little intimidated but everyone was helpful and the energy in the room was perfect for trying something new. (Bridget B.) Sound and Art

We have so much fun celebrating my birthday at the studio. Joanne and Kaili are the best. (Karina M.)

Everything was Perfect!!! Thank You !!! (Cynthia B.)

Wonderful class, on a subject I never knew how to draw. Now I do! The studio is warm and welcoming, as is the teacher ( and her mom.) (Peg W.)

I love having a studio so close to home. My niece and nephew attended the painting pARTy for kids and they had so much fun. They even spent some time analyzing each other’s work when we got home and discussing the different methods they used. I love that there is an opportunity like this to feed the artistic side of kids. I will definitely be signing them up for another class the next time they visit me. (Jill E.)

Thanks for such a fun evening. I highly recommend participating in this great program. You are given confidence in your artistic ability, even if you can’t draw a straight line, which was in my case. Saline is fortunate to have this special place. (Joy H.) painting pARTy

So Much fun, lots of laughs and come home with a wonderful painting. (Linda C.) Painting pARTy

Scheduled this as a date night with my wife and had a wonderful time! Highly recommend scheduling a time with Whitepine Studios. (Frank M.) Painting pARTy

The kids had a blast we are going to be telling everybody we know about your program. Thank you so much for providing the community an artistic outlet. (Amy C.)

My kids loved the snowman painting painting pARTy! Nothing but good things to say about their time at the studio! Thank you for a great time. (Janelle Y.)

She loved it – can’t wait to come back! (Grace M.)

The kids had so much fun and came home with beautiful paintings! (Evelyn P.)

5 stars for sure . Such a fun time with yoga and art . Everyone should check out the classes for a great experience snd sharing time with your little one . Thank you (Robbie B.) Mommy and Me

Beautiful studio, and our son loved his workshop. Every week he came back excited to talk about what he had worked on and couldn’t wait for the next class. The book of all his invention drawings that Hollyann put together at the end was a lovely way to collect and display his work. Whitepine is a wonderful addition to the community, and we feel so fortunate to have you right there downtown! (Elizabeth H.)

The class was so much fun for my grandson and I. Miss Kaili and her mom was so sweet and welcoming . I would recommend joining a class to anyone with a little one. (Robbie B.)

Excellent workshop. Inspiring. Thanks. Appreciate the singing bowls. (Carol M.) Sound and Art

Thank you so much Kaili and Joanne! You both made it such a fun and relaxing evening. Your attentiveness during the evening and tips were very thoughtful. The studio is very comfortable and supplies abundant. Lovely art throughout to enjoy! So glad you are here in Saline! (Susan L.) painting pARTy

A great and fun time, everyone is wonderful and very helpful. Looking forward to doing this again. (Linda K.) Painting pARTy

This was such an amazing class! My kids had a lot of fun. The staff was extremely professional and everything was so clean! We will be back! (Sarah K.) Yoga and Teens

Thoroughly enjoyable! The instructor spent lots of time with us and showed us some useful techniques for improving the picture. Really no experience needed. I was there to have fun and that’s exactly what I did. (Jessica C.) Painting pARTy)

Had a great time! 5 stars all the way! (Sylvia B. Painting pARTy

Awesome Awesome Awesome (Lexi V.) Painting pARTy

So much fun, thank you! (Sue V.) Painting pARTy

My 12 year old daughter really enjoyed the class. Very nice instructors. (Jessica C.)

This was my first time painting. Very fun and great instruction. (Wendy H.) Painting pARTy

Friendly staff, great downtown location, passion for Art and learning! (Lynde D.) Painting pARTy

Was a wonderful class for Dallas. Definitely a must see place!♥️ (Carol E.)

Such a wonderful, positive place to create. (Joya P.)

Great teachers, great atmosphere and my kids enjoyed the project. We’ll be back! (Brianna C.)

My 5 year took a class this morning and created a self portrait. He had a great time! The classes are fun and super affordable. We will be returning for more! (Grace W.)

The instructor was well prepared and was willing to help and/or fix students paintings. Very enjoyable. (Wendy S.) Painting pARTy

Kids LOVED the class! Thank you!!! (Kay B.)